The Patterns

The information in the patterns can be presented in a variety of ways. One organization, illustrated below, is based on classifying the patterns in terms of the kinds of system behaviors they describe.

  • Occurrence Patterns talk about the occurrence of a given event/state during system execution.
  • Order Patterns talk about relative order in which multiple events/states occur during system execution.
  • While not themselves patterns, Pattern Notes discuss common ways to vary the existing patterns to suite your needs.

An alternative organization for this information is to group pattern to formalism mappings by specification formalism. The supported formalisms are listed below. Clicking on the formalism will bring you to pages with mappings for each property pattern in that formalisms. We supply the mappings on these formalism-specific pages and you are refered to the complete patterns for information about relationships and example uses.

Mappings for additional formalisms have also been developed (by other researchers)